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Built For Business
TotalPass and Universal Time Clocks

Icon Time’s Automated Time Clocks bring big technology to small businesses. These innovative time systems offer unbeatable technology and simplicity at an affordable price.

Engineered to meet the needs of a growing business, these cutting-edge time clocks streamline your time and attendance process, saving you time and money.

Our TotalPass time clocks – Proximity and Biometric – are lightning fast. Software is built into the device, and you can connect up to 32 clocks, across locations, accommodating up to 500 employees. Manage the system over your Network or with Wi-Fi.

Want 100% employee identity verification on every punch? The Biometric time clock includes a built-in fingerprint scanner and photo verification backup system to prevent “buddy-punching.”

The patent-pending self-enrollment system saves you time and streamlines the enrollment process.

Our Universal clocks are an affordable way to bring new efficiencies to your time and attendance process. Everything is included and no monthly fees.

  • SB-100 PRO 2.5™ Universal Time Clock

    Engineered For Small Business – Starts With 25 Employee Capacity

    The SB-100 PRO 2.5 provides your small business organization, with a quick and reliable automated time and attendance solution that will instantly control labor costs, by impacting your bottom line with a hassle-free pay day.

    The SB-100 PRO is unlike old-fashioned manual time tracking systems that expose your business to risks associated with inaccurate time tracking; buddy punching, over paid employees, noncompliance and payroll corrections after a pay period has ended. The SB-100 PRO 2.5 allows employees to easily clock IN and OUT using keypad. Meanwhile managers can easily, in real time, access the time clock to monitor attendance, generate payroll reports and timecards at the click of a mouse.

    With software built right into the time clock, there is never a monthly fee and set up is a breeze, as there is no software to install. The SB-100 PRO 2.5 actually hosts its own Website and is the only small business time clock, that can automatically calculate employee timecards without requiring a constant connection to a PC, server, or to the Internet. To access employee data simply connect the time clock to your office network, or remotely over the Internet from your computer or any smart phone or tablet device.


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  • TotalPass Proximity


    Powerfully Simple. No Monthly Fee.

    The easy way to automate time and attendance



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  • TotalPass Biometric


    100% Employee Identity Verification puts an end to “buddy-punching”

    Lightning fast, the TotalPass Biometric time clock provides you with 100% identity verification on every punch.

    With next-gen fingerprint technology and a built-in wide-angle camera to capture failed biometric entries, you’ll put an end to costly “budding-punching” without slowing down the clock IN/OUT process. Managers are alerted via email of a failed employee punch which can be quickly verified.

    The TotalPass Biometric is Wi-Fi enabled, detecting your network as the clock boots up, and connects within seconds. It automatically saves network passwords after the first entry, so subsequent connections only require clicking the connect button to rejoin.

    TotalPass Biometric features a self-enrollment system that streamlines new employee enrollment, eliminating the need for a supervisor or manager to be present.

    With no monthly costs and everything included in the box, you’ll increase productivity, eliminate errors, and save money. All software is built in to the device and the system accommodates up to 500 employees.


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