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Take Control of Time and Attendance

TotalPass B600

Fingerprint + Photo Backup = 100% Employee Verification

  • Eliminates “Buddy Punching”
  • Fingerprint technology and photo backup for 100% employee verification
  • No monthly fee – everything you need is in the box
  • Patented self-enrollment
  • Turnkey labor reports
  • Data secured inside the clock
  • Free payroll exports
  • Multiple entry options for employees
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Finally, an easy business decision.

How much is manual time and attendance really costing you?

The high cost of manual timekeeping:

  • Time spent manually entering and verifying hours
  • Errors that result in overpayments
  • Manually transferring data to payroll

Our TotalPass Automated Time Clocks streamline the process – recording hours, generating reports and seamlessly exporting data to payroll.

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Want to eliminate “buddy punching”?

Identity verification on every punch

Have employees who punch in for one another?

While a few minutes a day may not seem like a lot, the time add up fast. For just one employee who is six minutes late every day, that adds up to a half hour per week – or 5 hours over the course of year.

If you’ve got several employees doing this, your losses can be significant.

TotalPass B600 puts an end to “buddy-punching.”

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Tired of paying monthly fees for your time and attendance system?

Eliminate monthly costs

Looking for a time and attendance solution without recurring monthly fees?

These automated time clocks are a one-time purchase that keep your costs down and your productivity up.

With TotalPass Automated Time Clocks:

  • All data is stored and encrypted securely inside the clock
  • Everything you need is included in the box and built into the clock
  • There are no charges for exporting your data
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Have employees working in multiple locations?

Connect multiple clocks for up to 500 employees

Great for growing companies, our TotalPass Automated Time Clocks allow you to connect up to 32 clocks across multiple locations.

  • Connect up to 32 clocks across locations
  • New employees can self-enroll with our patented technology
  • Manage multiple time clocks from anywhere

Which product is right for your business?

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TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

A complete time and attendance solution with identify verification.
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Partnership and Bulk Pricing

Partner with us to bring innovative white label solutions to your business customers and take advantage of bulk pricing opportunities. Quantity discounts are also available for large orders of  our TotalPass, Universal and Handpunch clocks.

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About IconTime

Since 1989, IconTime has been creating time systems that are quick to install, simple to operate and highly reliable. Our goal has always been the same – to help businesses lower costs by simplifying and automating the time and attendance process. IconTime delivers world class time and attendance solutions for strategic partners and dealers, supporting over 40,000 businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

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