Auto shops are busy places, with lots of people moving around at any one time. Up front, service personnel handle customers, take phone calls, and relay good and bad news all day long. In the back and around the bays, mechanics and technicians are up to their elbows in engines, oils, grease and fluids.

In this setting, you want a modern time clock that helps everyone keep pace, and solves challenges on the management side when it comes to tracking time and preparing payroll. But what about measuring ROI?

Tracking Time and ROI in Auto Shops

When you own or manage a busy auto shop, you know the delicate balance between parts, labor, building trust among customers, and ROI on every car that comes and goes. This last part of the equation can be the most challenging. That’s especially true when:

  • Multiple techs might work on the same car.
  • Professionals bounce between different jobs throughout the workday.
  • Tire crews, brake specialists, and engine professionals are all working at different rates.

No matter how you structure your workforce, a reliable time and attendance tool is critical when you want to keep things running smoothly, while also achieving your growth goals.

  • For starters, payroll costs are expenses you simply can’t ignore. Does your current time clock solution help you keep an eye on where your hours are going?
  • You also don’t want to get lackadaisical about employee breaks, or unexpected absences. Does your time clock help you monitor how productive your workers are? Does it make it easy for them to clock in and out, or enter different job codes as they switch gears throughout the day?

Keep reading to discover how Icon Time’s TotalPass family of time clocks helps you answer these questions, while also helping you grow smartly.

Having the right time clock solution is essential, especially in busy environments like auto repair shops. Advanced time clock solutions, like those in Icon Time’s TotalPass suite, can help you maximize ROI on every automotive repair.

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Time Clocks, Staffing and More

The way you manage time and attendance can help make a big difference when you’re trying to establish the norms of your shop’s environment. In the process, an advanced time clock can help you monitor productivity, and increase your volume without undercutting the quality of services you provide.

Many mechanics and auto repair shops view positive customer reviews as a way to promote their services. And, customers tend to base these reviews on a few things, including:

  • How knowledgeable and helpful your customer service staff is.
  • How quickly you solve their issue, and help them get their automobile back on the road.
  • How much you charge for parts and labor.
  • Whether or not your work actually solved the problem, and/or if it led to new issues.

When service technicians are dealing with automobiles all day, you want them to be engaged with their work. If they’re worried about an issue with their paycheck, or confused about whether or not they entered the right job code when they switched projects, this can only get in the way of their productivity. And, since the quality of their work can impact the confidence of your customers, the last thing you want is to give your people more to think or worry about.

Auto shop workers find Icon Time’s TotalPass time clocks simple to learn, and easy to use. Managers and owners find them to be powerful tools that help maximize ROI.

Depending on the size of your auto shop, in addition to your plans to scale, Icon Time’s TotalPass suite offers a number of time clock solutions—starting with as few as 25 employees, and building to 500.

Whether you run one busy auto shop, or have a series of retail service centers scattered around the region, Icon Time’s solutions help you:

  • Keep accurate records of employee punches.
  • Track absences.
  • Sync your time and attendance with payroll.
  • Measure ROI on every type of auto repair job.

Advanced tracking and reporting can help you solve scheduling challenges, and get more out of your employees’ time. 

Like every business, mechanics and auto shops see ebbs and flows when it comes to customer volume. With advanced tracking and reporting features, Icon Time’s TotalPass clocks can help:

  • Capture and present useful employee payroll data.
  • Shed light on peak service times, as well as monthly and seasonal trends.
  • Measure the ROI on every type of repair or standard service job that comes into your shop.

There are many ways you can put this information to use. It can help you schedule your staff and service technicians more strategically, market specific services that will help you grow your business, and even focus on the type of skills you need in the shop when it’s time to hire.

Icon Time’s TotalPass suite of time clocks can help you put important employee data to use when it’s time to hire, enhance your services, or even open a new location. Discover more about Icon Time’s products today.

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