Has anyone ever pinpointed the right time to upgrade your operations and management functions?

Is it when you reach 20 employees? What about 50? How about 500?

How do you find the right tools?

There are plenty of software tools and solutions that help support companies through different stages and phases of growth. Some solutions focus on payroll, benefits, recruitment, and onboarding. But what about time and attendance?

Don’t take time and attendance for granted.

On the surface, time and attendance might seem pretty simple. After all, how hard is it for employees to track their time, punch in/out, and submit timesheets? However, when you consider that time and attendance touches every part of your business, you realize that it’s something you can’t afford to overlook.

Finding a dependable time and attendance solution that scales and supports the needs of your workforce can be tricky.

  • Some offer more features than you need.
  • Others might meet your desired price point, but don’t bring enough to the table.
  • Then there are those that are difficult to implement, or don’t integrate well with other business solutions.

No matter what type of time and attendance solution you use—paper timecards, a kiosk solution, or cloud-based software—you want to make sure it:

  • Works well with your other systems,
  • is easy to implement and use, and
  • balances its feature set with a sensible price point.

Keeping these goals in mind, many businesses, from 25 – 500 employees, choose automated time clocks to help manage their time and attendance needs. Is an automated time clock part of your plan?

Many of today’s automated time clocks are more robust than ever, and include next-gen technology that works for you right out of the box. Are you looking for an automatic time clock solution to fit your business?

Compare Icon Time’s TotalPass Suite of Products


Automated time clocks are robust, user-friendly, and affordable

Time clocks have come a long way in the last few years. Many of today’s solutions, such as Icon Time’s TotalPass suite of products, come with advanced time and attendance features built right in, and are able to support businesses with up to 500 employees.

Here are some of the out-of-the-box benefits that come with the TotalPass line of products:

  1. Integrate with payroll using TotalPass P400
    Want to upset your employees? Try not paying them on time, or don’t pay them for all of their hours. Obviously, we’re kidding—we want you to pay your employees. But if you’re not paying them on time, or not paying them for their actual hours, it could be time to find a time and attendance solution that plays nicely with payroll. TotalPass P400 offers seamless payroll integration for companies with up to 250 employees.

    TotalPass P400 works with many of today’s leading payroll systems, including:
    • Paychex Flex® & Preview
    • QuickBooks Online®
    • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro®, Premier, Enterprise)
    • ADP Workforce Now®
    • Paylocity®
    • SurePayroll®
    • Paycom®
    • And, as your automated time clock solution, TotalPass P400 helps eliminate redundant manual data entry, boosts accuracy, and helps to saves administrators and employees time.
  1. Create new conveniences for onsite and offsite employees with TotalPass P600
    The quest for talent is an ongoing battle for companies of all sizes. In part, this has to do with fact that the nation’s unemployment rate is at record lows, which affects the ways companies support employees, and the types of flexible and remote working perks they offer.

    TotalPass P600  is all about flexibility for up to 500 employees.
    • TotalPass P600 connects your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This lets you access the system, and manage timecards, from anywhere via a computer, smartphone or tablet.
    • You can also track and sort employee hours, up to 99 individual departments, and take advantage of additional reporting tools.
    • And, optional labor distribution reports help you provide in-depth details regarding time cards, job costing, project codes and more.
  1. Create 100% employee identity verification on every punch with TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint
    Buddy punching—when employees clock in/out for other workers—is an issue that almost every company has to deal with. Any form of time theft goes right to your bottom line. In fact, time fraud can cost your business up to 5% of gross payroll, according to American Payroll Association. The TotalPass B600 helps put an end to buddy punching.  
    • With the ability to support up to 500 employees, TotalPass B600 includes a built-in fingerprint scanner and photo verification backup system. These features help ensure accurate employee identification every time.
    • The solution’s self-enrollment system saves you time, and helps to streamline the enrollment process.
    • And, you can manage employee timecards remotely, without having to use third-party hosting, or pay monthly subscription fees.

When you’re growing, adding remote workers, or looking for ways to streamline various business operations, make sure your time and attendance solution supports you. Whether you’re managing 25 employees, or up to 500, an automated time clock solution might be the right fit.

Icon Time’s automated time clock solutions give administrators and employees more features and flexibility to help improve time and attendance. Find out more about Icon Time’s full suite of products and services.

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