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TimeVue — Update Version 1.0.34

Click Here to Download File > TimeVue_1.0.34_setup.exe


IMPORTANT: This is not a complete install of TimeVue; it is an update for existing installations. You WILL need your original TimeVue CD in conjuction with this update.  This update is required to run TimeVue on 64-bit versions of Windows.


Note: The version numbering for TimeVue has changed. Version numbers will now be sequenced as follows, 1.0.XX. Previous version numbers were sequenced using four digits, 1.0.0.XX. TimeVue Version 1.0.34 is the latest release.


TimeVue Update Download and Installation instructions


IMPORTANT: This is an update to existing TimeVue installations. If TimeVue is not currently installed on the computer the update will not function correctly.
Before proceeding with the update make an archive of your data to insure you do not lose your original data.
  1. Click on the TimeVue_1.0.34_setup.exe link above.
  2. Click on the Run button in the Internet Explorer File Download window. For FireFox users click OK in the Opening TimeVue_1.0.34_setup.exe window to download the installation file to the Desktop and then double click on the TimeVue_1.0.34_setup.exe installation file to begin the installation process.
  3. If required enter the Administrators user name and password to begin the TimeVue 1.0.34 installation
  4. Install the program following the instructions on the screen making sure to choose Complete as the installation type. When the updater prompts you to do so, please insert your original TimeVue CD into your CD-ROM drive as per the on-screen instructions.
  5. After the installation is complete, a shortcut will be created on the Windows desktop.
  6. Before running the software for the first time, right mouse click on the short-cut and select the Properties option.
  7. Select the Advanced button in the lower left of the shortcut tab.
  8. In the Advanced Properties window, select the option to Run as Administrator and click OK.
  9. Double click on the TimeVue icon on the Desktop to start TimeVue
  10. Select NO when asked if you wish to overwrite the existing copy of the TimeVue.
  11. Click the Start button to enter TimeVue.


NOTE: If you run the program by selecting the Windows Start button \ All Programs\Icon Time Systems\….you still need to follow steps 6 through 8 above.

  • Any shortcut used to start the software must have the Run as Administrator option selected.
  • If you do not run the software as Administrator, you may not have the proper permissions to create or save certain files and data loss may also occur.
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