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TimeSource — Update Version 7.4h

Click Here to Download File > ts7updt.exe

Program Description:

Please follow these instructions for updating your copy of TimeSource Version 7. To ensure that you have the most up to date set of instructions, please click on your browsers Refresh/Reload button. Updates are free for TimeSource users with version 7 software and only those users who have a Icon Time Systems Support Contract or are within the 30 day free support period may request assistance with the update.

  1. CLICK HERE to download and print these instructions in pdf format.
  2. Start TimeSource and create an archive of your data. If you are unsure how to create an archive just go to File and select Archive. Refer to your TimeSource User Manual for detailed instructions. Once the archive has been created we advise that you print a copy of your TimeClock Rules screen or make a copy of your settings (If you are using data fields or a particular payroll export we suggest that you make a copy of those settings as well). Close TimeSource before proceeding to next step.
  3. Save TS7updt.exe (1.5M) to your TimeSource directory. (C:\Program Files\TSourceV7 is default).
  4. Save Updatelibs.exe (2.9M) to your TimeSource directory (C:\Program Files\TSourceV7 is default). If your original copy of TimeSource is version 7.1 or higher you do not need to download this file skip to Step 7. All other previous revisions require this file. If you have already downloaded this file from a previous update you do not need to download this, skip to Step 7.
  5. Click on your Windows Start button and select Run. Click on Browse and locate the file you just downloaded Updatelib.exe and click OK. (If you downloaded the Updatelib.exe to the default directory you may just type C:\Program Files\TSourceV7\updatelib.exe in the dialog box and click OK).
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the updatelib.exe program.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT !! Be sure to have your TimeSource CD handy, as you will be asked to insert the CD during the update process. From the Programs Menu, select the menu listing for TimeSource (Default is Icon Time) then select “TimeSource Update”. (There will a be lightning bolt icon next to this option in case you have other options like Update TimeSource.)
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen through the update process. During the installation, the self extracting zip file TS7updt.exe will require you to extract files to your TimeSource directory (C:\Program Files\TSourceV7 is default). Be sure that you have the correct path indicated if you have installed to another directory other than default.
  9. Once the update process has completed, start TimeSource. The “Reinstall Warning” window will appear indicating an existing copy of TimeSource is on the computer. Please select “Yes” to overwrite the existing copy of TimeSource. Next the “Incomplete Installation” window may appear asking to find the TSDataV7.mdb. Click OK in the window and locate the TSDataV7.mdb file in the “Select Main Data” window, to select the file, single click on the TSDatav7.mdb filename and then select “Open”.
  10. You will next be asked to enter your registration/enable code. The registration/enable code is either located on the TimeSource CD jacket or on the “Fax Registration Form” originally in the TimeSource manual. If you bypass this step or enter in the wrong information TimeSource will come up as a Demo copy and it may require re-installing TimeSource in order to run the program as purchased. If you are running additional TimeSource modules you will need to re-enter the option code for each module. Select “File>Install Module” from the TimeSource menu bar. Enter your option codes, one at a time, in the window that appears.
  11. Finally you will need to restore the “Archive” you created at the start of the process. Restore the “Archive” by selecting “Restore” from the TimeSource Switchboard. In the “Restore Archive From” window locate the archive.arc file you previously created. Click on the file once to highlight the file and then select “Open”. The “Append Data” message window appears asking to append the archive. Select “Yes”. Once you have restored the archive file please set up your TimeClock Rules screen to match the printout you made at the start of the process. In addition if you are using datafields or payroll exports you will need to re-configure those screens as well.

NOTE: Once you have completed the TimeSource Time and Attendance update, you may need to install the TS8 modules from this link: TimeSource Version 8 Modules.

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