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Assigning Employees to a Supervisors – RTC-1000 Universal Time Clock/ TotalPass P400

KB0158: Assigning Employees to a Supervisors – RTC-1000 Universal Time Clock/ TotalPass P400

The RTC-1000 2.5 time clock allows for each supervisor to have their own separate time clock software login. Supervisors can be assigned unique permissions settings to access different areas of the system and specific employees.



  1. Select Lists | Supervisors.
  2. Select the appropriate supervisor from the list.
  3. From the Edit a Supervisor page, select Assigned Employees
  4. Select one of the avail able options:
  • Select All Employees to assign all employees to the supervisor.
  • Select Selected Employees to assign specific employees to the supervisor. Selecting this will display additional options allowing you to assign individual employees to the supervisor. n the Unassgined Employees window, left click to select an unassigned employee.  Ctrl + Left click to select multiple employees in the list.
  1. Select an employee(s) in the Unassigned Employees column, click > to move them to the Assigned Employees column.
  2. Select an employee(s) in the Assigned Employees column, click < to move them to the Unassigned Employees column.
  3. Click Select All to select all employees in the column.
  4. Click Select None to deselect the employees in a column.
  5. Use the Filter by Department drop-down menu to filter the Unassigned Employees column by department assignment.
  6. Select View All Assigned Employees to generate a report of employees that have been assigned to the supervisor.
  7. Click Submit to save your settings.

Example:  This will allow you to assign employees from a specific department to one supervisor. In the example below, all employees from the Production department were filtered and assigned to supervisor Shelby Hicks:

Dept. Fitlering by Supervisor

When supervisor Shelby Hicks logs into the time clock, he will only have access to employees in the Production department.

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