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Error Codes for CT-900 Calculating Time Recorder

KB0149: Error Codes for CT-900 Calculating Time Recorder

A list of common Error Codes is given Below.


E:01 – The wrong side of the card has been inserted into the Card Slot

    • For Weekly and Bi-weekly pay periods, only Side 1 of the timecard can be used for recording punches. For a monthly pay period, days 1-15 will only print on Side 1 and days 16-31 will only print on Side 2 of the timecard.


      Flip the timecard to the other side and insert it into the Card Slot again.

E:50 – Timecard\Timecard Barcode Issues

    • This could be caused by a damaged card or faint barcode.


    Clean the card or replace it with a new one. Make sure a compatible card is being used.

E:51 – Punch Sequence Issue

    • This can be caused if the timecard has been inserted more than once in one minute, the print exceeds 6 in one day, or that the daily totals for the current day have been calculated.


      Wait for at least one minute to pass before punching again. Else, wait until the next day to punch. No more punches are allowed for the current day.
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