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Assigning a Proximity Badge – TimeVue & TimeSource

KB0020: Assigning a Proximity Badge – TimeVue & TimeSource


Assigning badges to an employee is done through the TimeVue or TimeSource Software. 
  1. Before you enter Badge/ID numbers for your Proximity cards, first choose an ID Length in the Timeclock Rules screen.
    • The ID Length is the number of digits you want to use for your employee ID number. (The default is 3 digits).
  2. Next you will ensure that the employee Badge/PIN corresponds to the lasts digits assigned on the proximity card.
    • I.e. If the badge has a number [05364268569] and your software is set to accept ID length of 4 digits, the Badge/PIN number should be set to 8569.

Note: If you have a lot of employees, you may want to select, at least, an ID length of 4 to avoid any possible duplication in the ID numbers.

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