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Error – “Attempt to Connect Failed” Polling Errors with RS232 or USB – TimeVue / TimeSource

KB0029: Error – “Attempt to Connect Failed” Polling Errors with RS232 or USB – TimeVue / TimeSource


NOTE: If you are using an RSI HandPunch clock, please refer to the Knowledge Base entry on this subject.

This message indicates that the COM port on your computer is initialized but the clock is not receiving any data signals from the computer.

  1. If you are using an Icon Time Systems employee time clock, make sure you are not in Supervisor Mode. The day, time and “Enter ID Number” should be displayed on the clock when testing or polling the clock.
  2. If communication with the clock still fails, unplug the power and the serial cable at the clock for at least 10 seconds. Plug the serial cable back in first and then the power cable and try testing the connection again.
  3. Check to make sure that the cable is firmly connected to the port on the back of your computer. Disconnect and reconnect the cable to the serial port and test the connection again.
  4. The cable may pickup electrical interference from other devices. Make sure the cable is not near any florescent lighting, electric cable, or high powered electrical devices.
  5. If the cable is installed through the wall or ceiling, it is possible it has become damaged. Carefully inspect the cable and connectors at each end.
  6. Have someone check the display on the clock while you are trying to poll. If the clock displays a “Downloading” message, there is a partial connection to the clock but data is not being transferred. This could indicate a problem with the port on the computer, a damaged cable, or a hardware problem with the clock.
  7. If possible, test clock communication on a different port on the computer or on a different computer all together. If the connection starts working, it indicates a problem with the original port on the computer.
  8. If you cannot resolve the issue, please call technical support at 800-847-2232 option 1 for further assistance.

NOTE: We recommend and only support the use of the RS-232 modular cable that shipped with the employee time clock unit. The maximum distance allowed is 50 feet. We also sell and support a shielded twisted pair 100 foot cable. All other wiring configurations may cause connection difficulties and are not supported.

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