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Error – “Incorrect Clock # 01” While Doing Communication Test – TimeVue / TimeSource

KB0070: Error – “Incorrect Clock # 01” While Doing Communication Test – TimeVue / TimeSource


All Icon Time Systems PIN and PROX time clocks ship programmed with an internal clock ID number 01. The clock ID number should correspond to the number of the clock in the Time Clocks or Clocks list in TimeVue or TimeSource, respectively. The “Incorrect Clock #” message indicates that your timeclock’s internal ID number needs to be changed to match what is shown in the clock list in the software.

For example: John has just added 3 clocks in his clock list for his company.

  1. Warehouse Clock Modem
  2. Accounting Clock RS232
  3. Sales Clock RS232

In our example, the Warehouse clock will communicate, assuming everything else is set up properly. But the other two clocks, Accounting Clock and Sales Clock, will need to have their ID numbers changed to 2 and 3 respectively.
To change the internal ID number on a PIN or PROX clock:

  1. Enter Supervisor Mode on the clock
    1. Press the lock button on the bottom right of the clock’s keypad
    2. Enter the security code. The default code is “00 00 00”
  2. Press the DOWN arrow key repeatedly until you see CLOCK ID# 01 and press ENTER to change it.
  3. Use the UP arrow to change the clock ID# to the appropriate number.
  4. Press ENTER to confirm this change.
  5. Press CLEAR repeatedly to exit Supervisor mode.
  6. In your software, press the Test button for each clock. The message “Communication Test OK” should appear.
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