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Setup Ethernet HandPunch – TimeVue / TimeSource

KB0084: Setup Ethernet HandPunch – TimeVue / TimeSource


Install the Software and Module

  1. Install TimeVue or TimeSource and enter the enable code to activate your software.
  2. The HandPunch comes with a documentation CD. Print out the HandPunch User guide from this CD. Review the password and setup options for the HandPunch.
  3. Input Upgrade Codes / Install Modules – find the upgrade codes included with the software Quick Start Guide or User Guide (pg. 5 of the TimeVue Quick Start Guide)
    • In TimeVue, select INSTALL MODULES and enter the HandPunch Upgrade code.
    • In TimeSource, select File | Install Modules to enter your upgrade code. 

NOTE: You do not use the Tibbo software to program an IP address into the HandPunch . This is done manually at the clock. Verify with your network administrator an available static IP address to be programmed into the clock.


Connect the HandPunch to the Network

  1. Ask your Network administrator to provide an IP address to program into the HandPunch.
  2. Connect the HandPunch to an available Ethernet port (in the wall, or on your router, hub or switch).
  3. Plug the clock in to the power. 
  4. Verify the Network connection lights turn on on the Ethernet card on the back of the time clock. A message should display on the HandPunch that the Ethernet card is detected.
  5. On the HandPunch , press the Clear and Enter at the same time to enter Supervisor Mode.
  6. When prompted for a password, press the number 2 and Enter.
  7. Various menu options will display. Press No until Set Serial appears. Press Yes.
  8. Type in the IP address provided by the Network Administrator and press Enter. Notate the assigned IP address on the TimeVue Quick Start Guide, for future reference.
  9. Press Enter to bypass setting the Gateway. this setting should not be changed. 
  10. Select 9 and Enter for the Host Bits setting.
  11. Press Yes when prompted for BAUD 9600.
  12. Press Clear to exit Supervisor Mode.
  13. Verify that you can ping the clock. How to Ping an IP Address


Setup the HandPunch in your Software

  1. In TimeVue, go to the Time Clocks screen. In TimeSource, go to the Clocks screen.
  2. Add a clock and give your clock any desired name.
  3. For Type, select HPx000. If you do not see this option, you need to install your HandPunch option code as described previously.
  4. Select COM1 for the COM port.
  5. Enter the following in the Dial Up String Field: NET:(the clocks IP Address):UNIT0. Example: NET:
  6. Click Test to the right of the dial up string to verify that clock connection is working.
  7. Repeat steps to add additional HandPunch clocks in TimeVue or TimeSource. Select COM port 1 for each clock.

NOTE: Each HandPunch clock needs to be assigned a unique IP address and you will use this IP address in the dial-up string for the clock in the TimeVue or TimeSource software.

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