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HandPunch Error – “Sorry Can’t Add or Unable to Remove”

KB0086: HandPunch Error – “Sorry Can’t Add or Unable to Remove”


If you are receiving a “Sorry Can’t Add” message when trying to enroll an employee, the Handpunch employee capacity has been reached or that employee number has all ready been assigned to the clock.

NOTE: It is also possible that the memory is full on the Handpunch. In the TimeVue or TimeSource software, poll the time clock to remove all the punches from the clock. Try adding or removing employees from the Handpunch after doing this. Follow the steps below if you still have problems adding employees.

The Handpunch has a limit to the number of employees that can be added to the clock. Even if employees are deleted from the TimeVue or TimeSource software, they still need to be deleted off of the Handpunch to allow space for additional employees on the clock. For example, the HP50E and HP1000 Handpunch clocks have an employee capacity of 50 employees.

To view the available space on the Handpunch:

  1. Press the Clear and Enter buttons on the Handpunch to enter supervisor mode.
  2. Enter your supervisor code and place hand.
  3. Select Password 3 and press the Enter button.
  4. Select No until the List User option appears. Press the Yes key. The display will show the amount of available user space and “More (#Y/*N)” on the second line of the display. Keep pressing the Yes key to view all the employee IDs entered on the handpunch.
  5. If the user space is zero, delete unused or old employees off of the clock.
  6. If you are trying to reuse an old ID number that is still stored on the clock, delete that number from the clock and then enroll the employee that will be using that number again.
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