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TimeVue Error – Not a Valid ID when Employees Punch at the Clock

KB0096: TimeVue Error – Not a Valid ID when Employees Punch at the Clock


If your time clock has lost its original settings or when making any changes to employee information, ID numbers, departments, punch validation, and any items displayed at the employee time clock, use the following procedure to properly update the clock:

If you are using TimeSource:

  1. Go to Edit Clocks and select the Reset All Clocks button.
  2. Close the Clock screen. Go to Get Punch Data and select Poll All Clocks and poll your time clocks.

If you are using TimeVue:

  1. Go to the Time Clocks Screen and click on the RESET ALL CLOCKS icon at the top of this screen.
  2. Close the Time Clocks screen. Go to Poll Time Clock and Poll All Clocks
  3. After the clock is polled, the employee data on the time clock should be synchronized with the software.
NOTE: If you have multiple time clocks and you are receiving an Incorrect Clock ID number message polling or doing a clock communication test, follow the instructions at this link also: KB0070



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