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Troubleshoot HandPunch Biometric Time Clock Hand Detection Issues

KB0116: Troubleshoot HandPunch Biometric Time Clock Hand Detection Issues

The problem may be related to the camera calibration.


  1. Check the camera calibration settings.
    • This can be found by pressing the NO button on the keypad 11 times. A series of letters and numbers will appear. A GOOD setting will appear similar to: r0 c-1 e100. If any of these settings are VERY high then the camera calibration is not good. If the “e” or exposure value is over 120, it may be difficult for the camera to detect hands. This means there is too much light or glare in the area. Try adjusting the ambient light and log in again.
  2. Try to recalibrate the camera if needed:
    • Hopefully, the unit will recognize a supervisor.
    • Have the Supervisor for the Handpunch press the Clear and Enter buttons on the keypad, enter the supervisor code, place hand, and select Password 1.
    • Select YES at the Recalibration option and press YES again to recalibrate the camera. Check to see if the calibration numbers have improved.
    • Exit out of Supervisor mode. Unplug the power to the clock and plug it back in to warm boot the clock.
  3. If only certain employees are having problems with hand detection, remove them from the Handpunch and enroll them again.
    • In Supervisor Mode, Select Password 4 and select the option to Remove User. Enter the employee ID number to remove the user.
    • Select the option to Add Employee. Enter the employee ID number and scan the employee’s hand again.
  4. If you cannot get into Supervisor Mode, try cleaning the unit.
    • Use Windex to clean the Platen area and the window above the area where the hands are placed.
    • Remove the clock from the wall. You may have to remove the back panel of the clock (4 screws).
    • With a can of compressed air, try blowing out any possible dust that might be on the inside of the camera window and camera area. Be careful not to jar the camera.
    • See if the hands can be detected properly after doing this. Repeat the procedure to recalibrate the camera again.
  5. If the behavior does not change, the last option is to erase the memory of the clock. This will remove all data off of the clock. Supervisors and employees will have to be enrolled again. Poll the clock first.
    • Unplug the power to the clock.
      NOTE: If you have a battery backup installed (the clock stays powered on when the power is unplugged), you will need to disconnect the battery.
      • Look for the J7 jumper on the back of the clock, on the left side of the main circuit board.
      • Remove the jumper to disconnect the battery
    • Press the small, white reset button on the back of the clock and hold it down while plugging the power back into the clock.
    • If you do this properly, you will get a display option to do a hard or soft reset on the clock. Select “9” to reset all. If you have battery backup, replace the J7 jumper after the clock reboots.
    • Press Clear and Enter on the keypad of the clock, select Password 4, and enroll the supervisor(s) and employees again.
  6. If this does not work, the only remaining option is to setup a return to the manufacturer. The clock will have to be inspected and repaired. We can setup the return for you by calling the support number at the bottom of this page.
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