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TimeVue / TimeSource Error – “Type Mismatch” Hours Not Calculating Correctly

KB0120: TimeVue / TimeSource Error – “Type Mismatch” Hours Not Calculating Correctly

This problem can occur if you have manually edited punches in the Punches screen and you did not assign a valid department to a punch pair for that pay period.


View or print out the report and review the department column in the report.

  1. Make note of all punches that are missing a department assignment or show a department assignment of UNKNOWN.
  2. Go to the Punches screen for the appropriate employee and assign a current, valid department in the department column for the punch pair. Press the tab key and verify that the total hours for the shift appears in the HOURS column.
  3. Repeat the above steps until all punch pairs have a department assignment.
  4. Run a report again. If you have fixed all the punches, the error will go away and the hours will calculate correctly on your reports.

NOTE: If the problem continues, try the following also:

If you are using TimeVue:

  • Go to the Departments screen.
  • There are some icons at the top of this screen. Go to the last icon on the right and make sure the “Calculate autolunch/Sum daily hours” is disabled.
  • Close the department screen and run reports again.

If you are using TimeSource:

  • Go to the Time Clock Rules screen and uncheck the Auto Lunch By Day option. Close this screen and run your reports again.
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