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Connect Multi-clock System Over the Internet – RTC-1000 Universal Time Clock

KB0138: Connect Multi-clock System Over the Internet – RTC-1000 Universal Time Clock


NOTE: If you are not familiar with your network, have your network administrator or Internet service provider help with this procedure. Only RTC-1000 clocks can be setup in a multi-clock system.

  1. Program an available static IP address for the Parent clock and verify that you can log into the clock on that local area network. Follow the instructions at this link:Setting up a Static IP Address
  2. Determine the public IP address of your router. This should also be a static IP address. This link will display your public IP address: What’s My IP?
  3. Port forward the Parent clock’s local IP address to the public IP address using port 10923 in your router.
  4. At the Child clock location, make sure the RTC-1000 is assigned a valid local IP address.
  5. Press the Lock button on the keypad of the clock.
  6. Enter the security code. The default is 00 00 00.
  7. Press the Up-Arrow button on the keypad and press Enter at the Convert to Child option.
  8. Press the In button to confirm the conversion.
  9. Press the Down-arrow and select the option to Locate Parent By IP Address and press Enter.
  10. Enter the static public IP address of the Parent location.
  11. The clock will configure and reboot.
  12. A communication status symbol appears in the upper right of the clock’s display. The status should change to “d”.
  13. Repeat steps 4-10 for any additional Child clocks.
  14. At the Parent clock location, have someone log into the time clock’s Web page and go to Reports\Roster.
  15. The Child clock(s) should appear at the bottom of the Roster Report.

  1. Click on the clock to open the Edit a Clock window.
  2. Select the Enable option and Submit the changes.

  1. At the Child clock, the status should change from “d” to “+” after a few minutes. The Child clock is now linked to the Parent clock’s database and is ready to transfer information.

Additional multi-clock setup information can be found in your RTC-1000 user guide in Chapter 9: User Guide

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