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Install TimeVue or TimeSource on an Apple Mac Computer

KB0139: Install TimeVue or TimeSource on an Apple Mac Computer


Mac computers do not support the ability to run Windows-based applications. However, newer Mac computers have a software called “BootCamp” that will allow you to install a version of Windows on your Mac computer so that you can run Windows-based applications on your Mac.

For more information on BootCamp and to see if you computer can run this software, please click on this link: Bootcamp

If your Mac computer does not include BootCamp or does not meet the minimum requirements, you may still be able to use a similar software to install Windows on your Mac. Below are a couple of Virtual Machine software product links that will allow you to install Windows on a Mac computer:

Parallels Desktop for Mac

VMWare Fusion

If you decide to use one of these methods to install Windows on your Mac, you will also need a valid copy of Windows for installation.

PLEASE NOTE: The above mentioned software vendors and products are not affiliated with Icon Time Systems. They are provided for reference purposes only and are not supported by Icon Time Systems. If you experience any issues with the software mentioned in this Knowledge Base article, please refer to its respective Technical Support Website, hot-line, or print documentation.

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