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Save a Backup of your Time Clock Data – TotalPass

KB0163: Save a Backup of your Time Clock Data – TotalPass


It is important to make a backup (copy) of your employee time clock data periodically. Use this backup to restore your data in case of any data loss. We recommend creating a backup of your time clock data each pay period and prior to performing any updates to your time clock.

 Create a Backup through the Web Interface

  1. To create a backup file, select Files | Create Backup.Create Backup
  2. Click Create Backup Now.
  3. The file will download.

Note: the file cannot be opened by your computer. It must be restored back into the time clock to open. 

Create a Backup to a USB Flash Drive at the Clock

Creating a backup of your data can be simplified even further by saving your backup to a USB flash drive. A flash drive is a portable device that you can purchase at any computer store. Follow the directions below to create a backup of your time clock data using a USB flash drive.

  1. Plug the USB flash drive into the bottom of the time clock
  2. Enter into Supervisor Mode.
  3. Press  the padlock key on the time clock.
  4. Enter your security code – the default security code is “00 00 00”.
  5. Press Up or Down until the DOWNLOAD BACKUP option displays.
  6. Press ENTER
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