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How to Look up the Clock Serial Number – TotalPass

KB0079: How to Look up the Clock Serial Number – TotalPass


You need your time clock serial number in order to register your time clock and receive warranty assistance as well as for purchasing software upgrades. In addition, we ask that you have your time clock serial number ready before contacting our technical support department. 

The serial number begins with the letter B or T, followed by 9 digits. 




The serial number can be found in a few ways:

  1. From the Current Alerts (Home) Page of Your Clock
    • Go to the Help menu
    • Select About Your Clock
    • The serial number can be found on this page

Look Up Serial Number - About Your Clock


  1. The Back of the Time Clock Terminal
    • If mounted, take your time clock off of the wall with the keys provided.
    • The Serial Number is listed on the label found on the back of the clock.
  1. In Supervisor Mode
    • Enter into Supervisor Mode at your employee time clock terminal.
      • Press the padlock key on the time clock.
      • Enter in your security code – the default security code is 00 00 00.
    • Using the Arrow Keys scroll through the options until you find the option Display Serial # – press Enter.
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