The U.S. healthcare industry has experienced a growth boom over the last decade. Today, it remains one of the nation’s strongest labor markets. If you take a look at recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you’ll discover that healthcare occupations continue to have the fastest employment growth among all industries, and project to do so through 2024.

Health Care Employment Growth and Needs

According to many industry insiders, however, health care isn’t just experiencing growth. The industry is also in the midst of a supply and demand crisis. That’s because Americans are getting older, living longer, and seeking care in greater numbers than ever before:

  • Roughly 46 million people in the US are 65 or older.
  • By 2060, the number will double.
  • Meanwhile, 90% of the people in this group will have at least one chronic health condition that will be consistent.

Therefore, even though the workforce is growing, facilities and offices are keeping up with need. This can put serious strains on health care professionals at all levels. To help manage healthcare workforces, many offices and facilities are re-prioritizing the tools they use to track employees’ time and attendance.

Whether responding to urgent situations, or dealing with checklists and patient needs, health care professionals are ready for almost anything. Most medical facilities value consistency and precision when it comes to tracking time and attendance. That’s where Icon Time comes in.

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Tracking Time in Health Care

When employees are stressed or overworked, it can cause the quality of services and support to go down. This is one of the last things that any health care facility or medical office wants to worry about, where long, stressful hours are often the norm.

Burnout is one of the leading causes of employee turnover in the health care industry.

One concern for many health care professionals is the fact that difficult work and long hours don’t always translate into earning a lot of money.

When you consider the pay range in health care, there’s quite a gap between the high and low ends of salaries:

  • On one end of the spectrum, nurses and physicians often earn $25,000 higher than the median annual wage among other occupations.
  • However, home health aides and occupational therapy assistants often earn nearly $10,000 less than the national average across industries.

No two offices or facilities are alike.

Some employees clock in as part of large, multi-state hospital systems. Others work in small medical offices, run private practices, or work in assisted living or rehabilitation centers. Wherever they work, and no matter what they do, almost every health care professional winds up dealing with dozens of moving parts every day.

  • In plenty of health care environments, professionals move around between different patients, procedures, and parts of the building over 12-hour shifts.
  • Often, each stop requires a different job code in order to track time accordingly.
  • For managers, executing and running various reports can become cumbersome, especially in environments where workers rotate in and out through the week across different facilities and specialties.

Nearly all health care professionals value consistency and precision.

When your automated time clock delivers consistency and precision, it can go a long way toward job satisfaction and performance. That’s why many modern health care environments—from small, community offices, to large organizations with facilities in multiple states— are turning to the automated time clocks from Icon Time’s TotalPass line of solutions:

  • TotalPass time clocks from Icon Time work straight out of the box, and require no software to install.
  • The clocks are up and running in no time, keeping things as easy as possible for health care facilities, clinics, dental offices, and environments that employ between 25 and 500 professionals.

TotalPass time clocks from Icon Time can help improve efficiencies.

Icon Time’s TotalPass B600 can bring a number of comprehensive benefits to health care environments, including productivity tracking, deeper insight into operational expenses, and the ease of running a number of labor reports.

  • When labor costs are a concern, as is the case in many health care environments, the TotalPass B600 can also help managers stay ahead of hours, wages, and overtime.
  • Managers can set customized email alerts when employees are approaching specific hourly benchmarks, in cases when hours are lower than hourly estimates, and when workers are approaching overtime.

With Icon Time’s TotalPass time clocks working for your facility, your employees can enjoy new levels of consistency and precision. In turn, this can have a positive impact on the quality of services and care your patients receive.

The needs of modern medical offices and facilities are changing rapidly. Make sure your time clock is keeping up with what worker and managers need. Discover more about Icon Time’s next-gen time clocks today.

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