The hospitality industry is often an indicator for the nation’s economy. When things are good, people tend to dine out at restaurants, take vacations, stay at hotels, and enjoy tourist destinations. And, having more customers, visitors, and vacationers usually translates into more profits. It can also mean you have more staffing needs to manage and solve. That includes the way you track time and attendance.

Time and Attendance for Hotels and Restaurants

The busier things get for your hotel or restaurant, the more important it is to have qualified, trustworthy employees on hand during every shift.  And, when customer satisfaction matters more than anything, it’s important to take care of your employees.

  • Your hospitality employees are on their feet for long stretches at a time. They don’t want to worry about trying to deal with clunky technology whenever they need to clock in or out, or switch to a different department code.
  • From a budgeting perspective, when employees float between departments, job duties, or different business entities, you need them to track their time accurately, especially as they move between responsibilities during the workday. That’s especially true when different job codes equal different wages.
  • Likewise, office staff, managers, and your accounting department want a simplified time and attendance solution that helps them perform their duties, including processing payroll.

What’s more, when things are going really well throughout the hospitality industry, there’s a chance that your best employees will look for work elsewhere, maybe even right across the street, if the hours, wages, or perks are better.

So, when your business’ success depends on how well your employees manage their time, the TotalPass suite of time clocks from Icon Time can help make a big difference. Read below to discover four ways how.

When things get busy in your hotel or restaurant, or you have to move the schedule around because employees are out, it can be difficult to track who’s clocked in and out. Advanced time clocks, such as those that make up Icon Time’s TotalPass suite, can help you avoid such issues.

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Time Clocks In Hospitality

In an office situation, most salaried employees don’t need to worry about clocking in and out. But things tend to be different in the hospitality industry, where the majority of employees are hourly workers. If your team includes a mix of hourly and salaried workers, you want a time clock that will make things easier when employees need to clock in and out, or enter different codes as they switch between jobs. Icon Time’s TotalPass suite of time clocks does this and more.

Here are four key ways that the TotalPass P400, P600, and B600 (with biometric scanner) can help you manage your time and attendance needs:

  1. Track employee time

Tracking your employees’ time on the clock is the most essential job for any time clock solution—and the TotalPass suite of time clocks makes it easy to do so.

  • Department managers have access to review and edit employee time cards when necessary. This can be essential when employees mis-punch or forget to enter correct job codes as they float between duties.
  • Managers can also monitor breaks, punches in and out, and overtime.
  1. Generate essential reports

Use your TotalPass time clock to compare actual hours and labor costs, vs. what you projected them to be based on the schedule.

  • Reports let you observe employee performance over specific periods of time.
  • Generating and reviewing reports can help ensure that your hotel or restaurant complies with labor laws, is avoiding scheduling violations, and has been staffing according to service spikes and customer needs.
  1. Streamline payroll

TotalPass clocks always play nice with your payroll.

  • This includes aligning with specific wage and labor laws, and helping you avoid issues related to state or federal overtime regulations.
  • Meanwhile, specialized payroll reports make it easy for accounting to review payroll information related to punch times, dates, and departments whenever they need to do so.
  1. Cut down on time theft

No one wants to worry about time theft. However, the vast majority of businesses deal with time theft every year—and this includes hotels and restaurants. Ignoring time clock fraud does not make it go away.

  • TotalPass clocks can help you eliminate these types of concerns.
  • They provide you with a data trail of employee time, along with time reporting tools that help you gain insights into when and where employees punches happen.

The TotalPass suite of time clocks offers solutions that fit hotels and restaurants of nearly every size, from 25 employees, to as many as 500. With the right time clock, you can give employees less to worry about, and managers more insight, so your entire team can focus on keeping customers happy.

Does your hotel, restaurant, or tourist destination have a trustworthy time and attendance tracking software in place? Icon Time’s TotalPass suite of time clocks can make time and attendance easier for employees and managers, whether you operate one or multiple locations, for up to 500 employees.

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