Know who’s really punching in

Biometric Fingerprint Technology. Identity Verification on Every Punch.

Icon Time introduces the latest addition to their family of innovative products – the TotalPass B600 – featuring biometric fingerprint technology for identification verification on every punch.

The TotalPass B600 offers small businesses a powerful way to combat buddy punching, incorporating a fingerprint biometric technology and backup camera into its sleek design.

“Biometric fingerprint technology offers employers two distinct advantages,” cited Trever Fischer, Product Marketing Manager, “it’s a secure and easy way for employees to clock in and out and it’s an effective way to combat buddy punching.”

The TotalPass B600 packs the power of the TotalPass proprietary software, offering customization options, encrypted data security, email alerts, and advanced benefit and time-tracking features.

“In addition to biometric entry, this clock offers a user-friendly self-enrollment system, making it easy for new employees to get started without help,” added Trever Fischer.

TotalPass B600 can accommodate up to 500 employees, making it a time clock that can grow with your business. It also offers multiple entry options, making it a good choice for companies that have both onsite and mobile teams.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, you can manage the clock from anywhere – and from any device – that can access the Internet.  Simply connect directly to the clock through your preferred browser and you’re able to review and approve timesheets, run reports, and view employee status in real-time.

The TotalPass B600 offers email alerts to help you manage your team including: approaching overtime, high and low hours, employee punch alerts, and missed punches.

The proprietary software packs a powerful punch, allowing you to track benefit accruals and measure productivity by job number, tips, and piece counts. It can handle up to 99 departments codes.

Having the ability to capture labor data can help a business gain insight into their costs and productivity. Having access to historical data also helps you remain in compliance, respond to potential audits, and track benefit accruals.

“The TotalPass B600 is a powerful tool that helps businesses verify employee punches and lower operational costs by making the time and attendance process more efficient,” said Eric Leagjeld, General Manager.

Security & Convenience

  • Identify Verification (Biometric Fingerprint + Backup Camera)
  • Convenient and fast entry
  • Protects against buddy punching
  • Easy Self-Enrollment Process

Time Tracking & Exports

  • Export Hours Directly to Payroll
  • Eliminate Transcription Errors
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Create a Valuable Labor Data Base

Productivity Tracking

  • Track employee productivity by Tips, Job Numbers, or Piece Counts
  • Create “Notes by punch”
  • Up to 99 Department Codes (for Payroll export)
  • Track Employee Assignments
  • Customize Supervisor Login, Permissions, and Employee Assignments
  • Customize fields for Labor Distribution Reports

Benefit Tracking

Customize Rules & Settings for:

  • Revision Zones
  • OT1 & OT2 Multipliers
  • Consecutive Day Setting
  • Overtime
  • Benefit Accruals

General Accrual Summary Reports

Filter ‘Create Report’ by Non-work Hours (Vacation, Sick, Personal)

Email Alerts

Create email alerts for:

  • High Hours, Low Hours
  • Maximum Hours
  • Consecutive Overtime
  • Daily Overtime
  • Weekly Overtime
  • Software Updates
  • Backup Reminders
  • Punch Notifications
  • Automatic Email Backups
  • Secure Data with SSL Encryption

To learn more about how the TotalPass B600 automated time clock can help your clients, please visit: or call us at 1-800-847-2232 #3.