Built for Mobility. Secure for Business.

Icon Time Systems announced the latest addition to their popular lineup of automated time clocks – the TotalPass® P600.

Packed with advanced features and designed to accommodate both onsite and mobile workers, the P600 gives small businesses an affordable way to capture efficiency gains by automating time and attendance.

“This is a time clock for small businesses who want to automate time and attendance, offer web punch entry for employees, and track productivity and benefits,” offered Trever Fischer, Product Marketing Manager.

The TotalPass P600 can accommodate businesses up to 500 employees, is Wi-Fi enabled, and powered by Icon Time’s proprietary software, which provides a wide range of functionality.

It also works across both Mac and PC operating systems allowing businesses to manage their workforce from any device including a tablet, smart phone or desktop computer.

While the TotalPass P600 eliminates the burden of gathering timesheets, transcribing them into the payroll system, and manually approving individual time entries – advanced tracking features are standard.

Supervisors can set Email alerts for employees approaching overtime, missed punches, and high and low hours.

The TotalPass proprietary software packs a powerful punch, allowing you to view punches in real time, track productivity by job number, tips, and piece counts, and it can handle up to 99 departments codes.

Capturing all of this data can help businesses stay in compliance with labor laws and up to date on benefit accruals for employees.

“There’s a lot of value packed into this clock with all of our advanced features included. The P600 becomes a very powerful tool to help businesses streamline the time and attendance process, realize new efficiencies and manage their costs,” said Eric Leagjeld, General Manager.

Time Tracking & Exports

  • Export Hours Directly to Payroll
  • Eliminate Transcription Errors
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Create a Valuable Labor Data Base

Productivity Tracking

  • Track employee productivity by Tips, Job Numbers, or Piece Counts
  • Create “Notes by punch”
  • Up to 99 Department Codes (for Payroll export)
  • Track Employee Assignments
  • Customize Supervisor Login, Permissions, and Employee Assignments
  • Customize fields for Labor Distribution Reports

Benefit Tracking

Customize Rules & Settings for:

  • Revision Zones
  • OT1 & OT2 Multipliers
  • Consecutive Day Setting
  • Overtime
  • Benefit Accruals

General Accrual Summary Reports

Filter ‘Create Report’ by Non-work Hours (Vacation, Sick, Personal)

Email Alerts

Create Email Alerts for:

  • High Hours, Low Hours
  • Maximum Hours
  • Consecutive Overtime
  • Daily Overtime
  • Weekly Overtime
  • Software Updates
  • Backup Reminders
  • Punch Notifications
  • Automatic Email Backups
  • Secure Data with SSL Encryption

To learn more about how the TotalPass P600 automated time clock can help your clients, please visit: icontime.com or call us at 1-800-847-2232 #3.