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Icon Time Systems Partner Relationships

Exceeding the Time and Attendance Needs of Our Business Customers

At Icon Time Systems, our Partners are integral to our quest of meeting and exceeding the Time and Attendance needs of our business customers. By working together, we collaborate with Partners to seamlessly integrate our state-of-the-art technology, automated time clocks and network based time and attendance systems with a solutions suite of business management products or services.

Icon Time Systems is committed to being a win-win business partner that connects the needs of your business with the business needs of your customers. The result — successful alliances that become sustainable and mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Icon Time Systems business partners benefit from state-of-the-art Time and Attendance small business product solutions, a dedicated customer development team, targeted marketing programs, exceptional customer support, product training, and cross-product selling opportunities. When you choose to focus on Time and Attendance, Icon Time Systems, Inc. is the leading industry provider of time and attendance solutions; specializing in time clocks for small to medium businesses.

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Icon and Paychex Partnership Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Paychex PST 1000 Time Clock

Instantly minimize time spent compiling employee information and calculating
timesheets while maximizing payroll productivity, accuracy, and reliability.