How much time do you spend reviewing, correcting, or just trying to read employee timesheets? Automated time and attendance has come a long way. And it’s easy to transition because they’re so simple to use.

You can still have a physical clock on location – or in several locations – if that’s important for your day-to-day operations. And you’ll immediately speed up and solve a lot of problems that can cost your company valuable time.

Advantages of automated time and attendance include:

  • Timecards will never get lost or misplaced
  • No more illegible timecards
  • Eliminates potential errors that can cost you money
  • Provides valuable historical data that can be used to analyze labor costs
  • Puts an end to “buddy punching”

And automating time and attendance is even more cost-effective if you choose a system without monthly costs.

Icon Time clocks are a one-time purchase and all your data is safely encrypted and stored inside the clock. You’re up and running right out of the box with a simple setup.

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