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Universal Time Clock — Upgrades and Accessories

Get the most from your Universal Time Clock! With benefit accrual tracking, web browser employee entry, automatic emailing of time clock alerts, proximity badges and more; take advantage of the advanced features to help manage your employees’ time and gain control of unneeded expense.
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Universal Time Clock — Upgrades and Accessories

Web Punch Entry 2.5

Web Punch Entry is ideal for tracking employees, who work off-site or at remote locations.
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Proximity Badges

Employees simply wave their badge within inches of the time clock to punch IN and OUT, without even having to remove the card from their wallet. PIN entry at the clock eliminates downtime if a badge is lost or misplaced.
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Employee Capacity 2.5

The 2.5 Universal time clock scales up its employee capacity to 50, 100, 250 employees as your company and resources grow.
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Email Alerts 2.5

Email Alerts allows the time clock to automatically email you employee alerts as your employees clock IN/OUT, before they accumulate overtime, if they leave early, and more… Also includes, SSL technology to encrypt your data for increased security when transferring data over the Internet. Email Alerts is ideal for businesses using the remote connection option, and is available for both the SB-100 PRO 2.5 and RTC-1000 2.5 models.
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Advanced Plus 2.5

Advanced Pack 2.5 upgrades the SB-100 PRO 2.5 to all the software functionality of the base RTC-1000 2.5 model. Now includes Web Punch Entry, the ability to network up to 16 RTC-1000 time clocks (250-employee capacity) over the network, or on the Internet, additional reports and more…
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Custom PIN

Allows for greater flexibility and customization with custom personnel fields, custom employee ID numbers, and custom messages at the clock.
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Benefit Tracking 2.5

Increase payroll efficiency and help reduce labor costs with revision zones, IN/OUT windows and customize overtime preferences. Includes benefit tracking: vacation, sick time and personal accruals.
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