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TimeVue Time Clock Systems — Automated Time Clocks

Customize your time clock for your business with our flexible automated time solutions. Choose between PIN or badge based, custom rules and more. Available with serial, USB, modem or Ethernet connections only.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Icon automated time clock systems streamline your business processes, reduce your overall expenses and capture time and attendance accurately. The PIN, PROX and PROXe, systems eliminate paper timecards and smoothly integrate with most major payroll providers.

TimeVue Time Clock Systems — Automated Time Clocks

TimeVue PIN™ Entry Employee Time Clock

Streamlines Timekeeping and Payroll

Whether you have never owned a time clock before or simply transitioning from a mechanical time clock to an automated system, you will enjoy how intuitive the TimeVue PIN Entry system is to use. Starting at 50 employee capacity, it is a very cost effective system that can be easily expanded as your company grows. With tip and job number tracking, the PIN Entry offers unique ways to streamline your business processes even further.
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TimeVue PROX Employee Time Clock

A Durable Solution For Tough Enviroments

Enjoy the latest technology in badge-based systems, the TimeVue PROX Entry Time Click allows employees to sign IN by simply waving their badge in front of the clock or by punching IN on a keypad. This system is intuitive, installs quickly, and offers a wide range of options such as multi-user software and Ethernet or Modem communications. The PROX Entry includes a sealed keypad, which makes the system highly durable and ideal for even the toughest environments.
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TimeVue PROXe Employee Time Clock

Link Multiple Clocks Over the Network

The PROXe Employee Time Clock system combines the best features of the TimeVue Software and Proximity Technology with Ethernet connectivity. The PROXe enables simultaneous, multiple clock use. Starting at 50-employee capacity, the system can be expanded to unlimited employees (up to 200 per clock). Employees simply wave their badge to clock IN and OUT. Optional PIN entry at the clock eliminates downtime if a badge is lost or misplaced.
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